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Highams Park - CPZ Consultation

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Controlled Parking Zone for Highams Park?

The Forum has been informed that LBWF Council is distributing a questionnaire during the period 20-22 June 08 to all residents in the area enclosed by the red line on the map below The text and map are extracts from that questionnaire and have been posted here for your information. The document itself was too large for the website. See the foot of this page regarding where to get more information.

Note that this is just the "initial" consultation by the council. It is understood that if the residents in the initial consultation area vote in favour, a second consultation will take place involving residents in a wider area (approx half a mile radius from the centre). This second consultation is expected to take place in September 2008 and the target for implementing the scheme is November 2008.

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Controlled Parking Zone - Highams Park Area

Have your say on the future of parking in Highams Park.

This is the first part of Waltham Forest Council's public consultation to find out if residents and businesses want formal parking controls in Highams Park.

A large scale copy of the proposed area is displayed in Hale End Library for the length of the consultation.

Every response will be considered and the proposals will only go ahead if the majority of responses are in favour of the proposals.

Closing date for returning the questionnaire: Friday 11 July 2008

What is a Controlled Parking Zone?

Parking around Highams Park is currently informal and available for anyone to use. As the number of cars on the road increases year to year, there are very few ways to increase the number of parking spaces to accommodate the extra cars. A Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) would control who can park in certain areas, and prioritise parking for local residents and businesses. A CPZ would only operate at certain times of the day and on certain days of the week. Local residents and businesses can choose when a CPZ would operate as part of this consultation.

Only vehicles displaying a valid parking permit are allowed to park in the CPZ during its operating hours. Permits are available for local residents and businesses, or as short stay voucher permits that can be bought from local shops.

In 2001/02 the Council consulted residents and businesses in Highams Park about the need for a CPZ, and at that time there was not enough support to put one in place. Overall parking demand is now generally higher than it was in 2001, and we have received requests from residents to look again at parking in this area. This consultation gives residents and businesses another opportunity to choose whether or not to introduce a Controlled Parking Zone in Highams Park.


The map in this booklet shows the initial area of the proposed CPZ. These are the streets that are most heavily parked, according to surveys, and which could benefit most from parking restrictions. If residents and businesses in this initial area are in favour of the CPZ, the surrounding streets will then be asked if they also want parking restrictions.

If the CPZ is put in place, parking bays will be painted on the streets and each bay will have a parking restriction. Only vehicles with a valid permit will be allowed to park within the bays during the operating hours of the CPZ. The restrictions would include "permit only parking", "voucher parking only", and a small amount of combined "permit and voucher parking only".

It is planned that the area closest to the shops around Winchester Road, Hale End Road, and The Avenue will have a higher number of voucher parking bays than permit bays. This would allow a regular turnover of parking spaces, encouraging shoppers to use local businesses. In areas where there are mainly residential properties daytime parking will be almost entirely for permit holders only.

Advantages of a CPZ include:

  • Parking is prioritised for residents, businesses and shoppers; commuters are prevented from parking.
  • Parking density generally falls when a CPZ is introduced and there is often a reduction in both vehicle and pedestrian accidents.
  • More controlled parking can lead to less congested roads and less pollution.
  • There are fewer delays for bus services operating in the area on narrow streets with heavy traffic.

Disadvantages of a CPZ include:

  • Commuter parking can be pushed into surrounding areas
  • Residents and businesses will have to pay for parking permits each year. The current average annual cost for a resident's permit is 45 pounds.
  • Residents will have to purchase visitor permits for friends and family who want to park in the zone.

Where can I get more information?

  • At the public exhibition being held at Hale End Library,
  • By visiting www.walthamforest.gov.uk/parking-home
  • By calling Waltham Forest Direct on 020 8496 3000.

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